Offer personalized user experience in multiple domains

Expenses & Purchases
Get users' purchasing habits and expense profile
Travel & Accommodation
Get users' frequent traveler miles and loyalty programs
Contacts & Connections
Get users' email contacts and conversation partners
Meetings & Events
Get users' scheduled meetings and event invitations
Offers & Coupons
Get coupons and offers sent to users' mailbox
Places & Locations
Get available places and locations visited by user
Rides & Transportation
Get users' rides history
Music & Content
Get users' purchased and suggested music & shows

Onboarding Made Easy

User on-boarding with a single line of code

Easy to use javascript calls integrated in any web or mobile app
Supports Goolge oAuth and IMAP authentication
Superfly will collect, parse and store the data allowing you access via our RESTful API

How it Works?

Superfly's onboarding API lets your users share their data with you. The JS one liner will request permissions from the user and store them securely in Superfly's vault. Mailboxes are frequently scanned, and transactional data is extracted and stored in a queryable format, accessible from our RESTful API.

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Transactions API

Our transactions API is your gateway to your users' data. Learn how your users interact with other brands, including your competition.

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